Adam Trussell Double Reeds

Houston Symphony bassoonist and purveyor of double reed instruments, bassoon reeds, and instruction.

Lessons with Adam

One of the most important things I do is teach bassoon lessons. I find it to be incredibly fulfilling. One of my favorite things to do is to start new students on bassoon. I teach students of all ages, though. I have served on the faculties of several colleges. I have also taught at different music camps. I love to teach reed making as well.

I have been teaching lessons for 20 years now and have had many successful students and created even more long lasting relationships. Bassoon lessons are not only about learning to play the bassoon. It’s great to have a consistent person and mentor as we go through our lives. My teachers were that for me and now I hope to offer the same to my students.

I offer lessons in person in Houston and Portland and for almost all of my students I supplement those lessons with lessons on line. I have a busy life performing and traveling. Teaching on line allows me to maintain a consistent schedule with my students. Because I am able to offer lessons on line, I teach students in many different states around the country.