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Houston Symphony bassoonist and purveyor of double reed instruments, bassoon reeds, and instruction.

Fox Model 685

The Fox Model 685 is built in the style of the 680 but with thicker walls and longer tone holes to produce a darker, more concentrated tone and greater dynamic range. It is a unique design that provides the performer unlimited power as a soloist or member of a large orchestra while preserving the singing quality and flexibility in the tenor register.


  • Select aged Mountain or Red Maple body
  • French (metal) or German (white synthetic ivory) bell ring
  • Natural rubber lining in wing joint and small bore of the boot
  • Full German key system with silver plating
  • Silver water tubes extending into the bore
  • Little finger rollers
  • Right hand whisper key lock, rotary style
  • High D and High E keys
  • High A bridge to whisper key
  • Compact model: four-piece (long bell) or five-piece (divided bass joint with additional metal band) design
  • Two (2) professional bocals
  • Compact case with shoulder and back pack straps

* Additional key, plating, and color options available


For more information or to discuss pricing for this instrument, send me a message.

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