Adam Trussell Double Reeds

Houston Symphony bassoonist and purveyor of double reed instruments, bassoon reeds, and instruction.

Model 41

Redesigned in 1970, the Renard Model 41 provides a unique combination of playability, practicality and durability. It is built with the full German key system with a short reach plateau key for the left hand ring finger. The Model 41 is suitable for beginning or middle school students and for budget-conscious schools and institutions.


  • Molded polypropylene body
  • German (white synthetic ivory) bell ring
  • Full German key system with silver plating
  • Nickel silver water tubes extending into the bore
  • Four (4) rollers
  • Two (2) bocals
  • Premium case with shoulder and back pack straps


For more information or to discuss pricing for this instrument, send me a message.

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