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Houston Symphony bassoonist and purveyor of double reed instruments, accessories, bassoon reeds, and instruction.

Renard Model 333 Protégé Oboe

The Renard Protégé Model 333 is an ideal instrument for beginning oboe players. Its excellent tone quality, resonance and intonation satisfy the most discerning students, parents, and teachers. Fox’s well-known robust and reliable keywork, along with a durable plastic resin body, ensures that these oboes will have a long life and perform reliably in any environment.

Standard Features

  • Proprietary plastic resin body
  • Silver-plated keys, posts, bands, and bell ring
  • High-quality cork pads on low C and above
  • Teflon-tipped stainless steel adjusting screws


Standard Keywork

  • Modified conservatory key system
  • Left hand F and F resonance mechanism
  • Low B♭ key
  • Solid C♯ mechanism
  • C-D, A♭-B♭, G♯-A, and B-C♯ trill keys


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