Adam Trussell Double Reeds

Houston Symphony bassoonist and purveyor of double reed instruments, accessories, bassoon reeds, and instruction.

Professional Bassoon and Contrabassoon Reeds

As a professional bassoon player I have made thousands of reeds. I love doing it and I’m getting better at making them all the time! Playing professionally requires that I have and be able to make very high quality reeds that meet the demands of the challenges we face. I try very hard to make responsive reeds that play in tune, have a nice sound, and have a medium amount of resistance.

One thing that separates my reeds from other store bought reeds is that I play test several times before shipping reeds off. Anyone who makes reeds will tell you that they change and are especially volatile in the beginning. To some degree my reeds are already broken in to make sure that they are stable for my customers. I have several loyal reed customers for both my bassoon reeds and contra reeds.

Hand-made reeds are so much better than store bought reeds! Each order includes 2 hand-made reeds. Select an option above to place an order.

Looking to buy great processed bassoon cane?

Barton Cane produces precision gouged, shaped, profiled and scored bassoon cane. They have a wide variety of shapes and types of cane available as well as fully customized GSP cane.